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could be destabilized endangers our allies and partners. >> and the president said the u.s. ground forces would not be involved in any ground action in libya. to the latest news in japan. japanese officials say radioactive iodine has been detected in tokoyo drinking water as well as other areas and japan's government says that spinach and milk taken from farms 20 miles from crippled nuclear plants have radiation 20 times above the limit. and the water trucks are now pumping sea water directly on to unit three to keep it from a total meltdown and crews are working to try and reconnect four of the six reactors to japan's power grid by today or tomorrow. and abc's diana avlear has more. >> remembering all they have lost fighting to keep what they have left. the japanese people came together in a moment of silence friday at the hour the earthquake staggered their nation one week ago and prayed for their dead. for the living the struggle is just beginning. fire trucks hosed down crippled nuclear reactors for a second day at the fukushima complex. an
and west of washington, low 30s. mid-30s in washington, prince george's county. southern maryland right near the chesapeake bay upper 40s. below freezing in the mountains. most locations in thor 20s. look at the wind chills. the winds are gusting to 20 to 25 miles per hour. wind chills down in the mid-20s. off to a cold start. yesterday we got into the 70s. what a change overnight as we cleared out now and under this year sky we'll have our temperatures remaining in the 30s through much of the morning. by noon time should be in the 40s and these breezes we have with us now will settle down. bright sunshine throughout the day and by mid-afternoon peak briefly in the upper 40s. 5:00 back down to the mid-40s with a bright and sunny afternoon. a look at tonight's forecast. it will be cold again. i'll tell you how cold it will get. that comes up at 4:41. let's check on our traffic. a >> we're starting out with a big issue in the district. 3rd street tunnel. an accident has traffic blocked. traffic will be detoured to 4th street. no big surprises along 95. we're in great shape there. along ro
will determine if that demonstration violated any local laws. the teacher did not have a comment. >> u.s. and german officials are trying to determine the motive that killed two u.s. airmen and whether the gunmen acted alone. he confessed targeting the u.s. military in what investigators believe is say possible act of islamic terrorism. police armed with body armor were seen patrol be terminals. he pulled out a semiautomatic weapon shouting god is great in arabic. two people died, two others were wounded, the shooter from kosovo was not on any terrorism watch list. >> violence along the u.s./mexico border is a key topic of a discussion between president obama and the mexican president. the two leaders just wrapped up a conference at the white house a few months ago. president obama promised additional aid to secure the peace along both sides of the border. >> citizens and dedicated security forces have lost their lives. i have reaffirmed to the president that in this cause, mexico has a full partner with the united states. because whether they live in texas or tijuana, our people have a
't put the sweaters away just yet. the day planners this morning where temperatures in the 30s here in town. partly cloudy, 36 degrees and still expecting a lot of sunshine. by noon, in the low 50s and it will be breezy. southwest to northwest wind. 10 to 20 miles an hour and by 5:00, 55 after topping out in the upper 50s to even around 60 degrees. we've got clear skies overhead so a nice start to the day although we've got frost in spots. you park outside, little scrapers alert. 36 in washington. upper 30s for the valley, for winchester. fredericksburg and pack river at 35. but in dell mar, at about 35 in salisbury and windchills this morning, not bad at all. upper 20s to lower 30s. so yeah, winter coats this morning and a light jacket this afternoon. here's angie goff with the latest time saver traffic. >>> happy wednesday folks and happy day, kick things off with the green light right now. looks like the construction across the area is clearing. take a look at the wide map here: you can see we see a whole lot of green on the maps. that's a good thing. everyone pretty much moving
. >> look who else has returned! eun yang! >> the snow quickly melted and yesterday, into the 40s, and this morning, cold again. as we take a look at the temperatures, down into the upper 20s in prince george's county, montgomery county, mid 30s in washington, near the chesapeake bay. inland, at or below freezing, near 30, in the upper 20s, it is in the cold teens, much of west virginia, and we have a disturbance that will be passing to our south out of the tennessee valley later today. maybe a few sprinkles of rain in central and southern virginia. right now, off to a clear start. the live view, and a lot of sun. in the mid 30s, as the system passes this afternoon, highs reach the mid 40, mid afternoon. changes again tonight a look at the night planner, coming up in ten minutes. stay tuned for that keep up with my forecast on twitter all day long. i will have that for you, and updates throughout the day. now, checking on the traffic for this monday morning, jerry, how is it looking? >> tom, good morning. a lot of overnight roadway to tell you about. all of it should be out of th
morning. i am meteorologist tom kierein, upper 20s in prince george's county, montgomery county, arlington and fairfax, it dipped into the mid 20s in fredrick county, maryland and loudoun county. west virginia, upper 20s, northern and central shenandoah valley, weather watchers reporting a clear sky. only in the upper 20s in parts of prince william, and faulkier. right near the freezing mark, on the bay waters, it is in the mid 30s. on the eastern shore, away from the waters, in the upper 20s. to the west and north, it is down in the low 20s in western pennsylvania, many loeblgzs, low to mid 20os this friday morning. we have had high pressure bringing in the cold air down from canada. in place here today. with the the bright sunshine, it will be colder than average. capitol hill. under a clear sky on friday morning, lots of sunshine. upper 30s, the sunrise at 7:04. mid 40s, a chill in the air. thankfully, not much wind. by late afternoon, back down into the mid 40s again. getting cold again tonight, i will tell you how cold, how is traffic? >> doing well. south of town to the woodrow wils
. temperatures are very mild. still in the mid to upper 40s around napa, santa rosa, livermore and los gatos. low to mid-50s for everybody else. possible records around concord at 80. napa at 78. and santa rosa at 82. upper 70s in our valleys and about 65 or mid-50s along the coast. as far as the pollen, tree is going to be high. grass will be moderate and weed will be low. accu-weather seven-day forecast, record highs possible again for tomorrow as we hid the mid-80s and upper 60s at the coast. bringing back a sea breeze on friday and that is why we cool down. storm system will bring windy conditions and temperatures back to average and. >> better news for san leandro commuters. earlier crash that this h all lanes blocked. all lanes now open and if usual getting ready to leave the house we have road work. a problem in livermore. road work in livermore and find a couple of lanes blocked in both directions of 580 between airway and livermore until about 6:00 this morning. mass transit, "h" train coming out of the central valley on time. bart trains on time. and live look at the east shore freeway.
and martinsburg. still 32 in fredericksburg and across the bay in the upper 20s and look at the windchills. they're down into the teens to low 20s. you'll need the heavy jackets. the scarves, the hats and gloves and maybe a good vanessa hudgens movie to keep you warm on this thursday. >>> now you're freaking me out. >> "high school musical"? not my cup of tea. >> we're kicking things off with the green light. everything all nice and clear across the viewing area. we have the water main break in alexandria. edsel road still closed between south picket street and south van dorn. now overall, we want to focus on 495. this time in virginia, looks like all of that construction out there has been out of the way all morning and good news for drivers out this way. to the maps and this time, over to actually a live shot of 66. we can focus on in and you can see drivers are moving at speed. outside, we're tracking the commute out of hey market past manassas to inside the beltway and finding an incident-free drive. the travel times, hey maryland -- coming up, i'll have a look at the george washington parkw
with temperatures in the mid-30s, even low 30s north and west. mid-40s at noon. a lot colder than yesterday when we actually got to 72. today, 48 to 53. by 5:00, we're driving home. back in the upper 40s. the sun will be shining all day. good-bye to the rainfall. droppedded about 2/3 of an inch here in town. half an inch for bill in newland. you can see this cleared out very nicely. we're look at clear skies now. the sun will be out here in just about an hour and a half. 6:40 or so for the sunrise. charlesville, 33. upper 20s and mid-30s south. some wind chills unfortunately down in the 20s. it is 5:00 straight up. angie goff, good morning to you. >> good morning, howie. so glad you could wake up with us. join us early on this tuesday morning. we're dealing with some moderate conditions out there. specifically. on the third street tunnel, let's take a look at new york avenue. you can see as we take a live look that traffic is being diverted near fourth street. that's because we have all southbound lanes of the third street tunnel still closed off due to an overnight accident. police out there inves
a hundred times faster than in most u.s. homes. more than a thousand cities across the country may be a test site for the network. breaking news in richmond. sky7hd, big rig after colliding with another vehicle. you can see they put foam on the fire to put it out. it happened about half an hour ago. chp officers says an oxygen tank caught fire and you can see a huge back-up on westbound 80. all westbound lanes of i-80 are closed right now. if you can avoid that area, that would be your best bet. >> cheryl: more news ahead, including one town called the healthiest in all of the bay area. >> and a new study drawing an unexpected link between breastfey he drowned his trainer at the bottom of the pool last february. it was the third time. returning to the show for s important for mental enrichment. animal rights activists disagree. >> this worries me that that is more important to sea world, corporate sea world than either his well-being or trainer safety. >> park officials are spending millions to make safety upgrades to protect trainers. they are building false floss cap
news on the bear area at 6:00. we'll see you then. lt by u.s. warplanes intensifies. a defiant gadhafi warns of a crusader war and vows to fight back. crusader war and vows to fight back. tonight, what is the endgame? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, everyone. the pentagon tonight says the allied assault on libya's military has inflicted heavy damage on moammar gadhafi's forces and grounded his combat planes. that assault, which we now know is being led by american warplanes, including long-range stealth bombers, has targeted both libya's air defenses and ground troops in an effort to halt gadhafi's attacks on anti-government rebels. but coalition officials insist gadhafi himself is not a target. tonight, as anti-aircraft fire lit up the skies over tripoli, libya's military command order claimed again it wasrding its units to observe is i cease-fire, a claim western forces are skeptical of. we begin tonight with jim miklaszewski. jim? >> reporter: lester, there's only been one full day of american and coalition air strikes against libya, but senior u.s. m
. this morning we've got mainly clear skies out there with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. here's a look at the day planner going to the graphics, you'll see temperatures in the lower 30s at 9:00. only in the upper 30s at noon with mostly cloudy skies. the system passes to our south and 5:00 p.m. the sun is back, mostly sunny by only in the upper 40s. the average high is near 60 degrees. the system i'm talking about, check this out, there is snow again this morning near the virginia, tennessee, north carolina border. we're going to see some of that from d.c. and points south where it's 26 in lorraine, 25 in frederick and hagerstown, andrews air force base 26. the bay keeps annapolis milder at 36. here we sit at the freezing mark, looking for highs anywhere from mid-40s along the bay to 50 in leesburg, 48 in washington. it is 5:00 a.m., angie goff has our time saver traffic. >>> hey, everybody, kicking off with the yellow light right now. we're dealing with fire activity south of olney, 97 is closed north and southbound at brookville. you'll want to use new hampshire, 650 as you're altern
beginning to approach us from the west. and it is down into the low to mid-30s throughout much of the region. 36 at reagan national. weather watchers reporting a clear sky and we've had our wind chills just in the last few minutes down into the low 20s and i few locations. right now reagan national the wind chill is at 29, even though it's march 2nd still feels like winter time. we have high pressure over the region. that will be moving off the coast and wind will continue to flow from the southwest and we'll get some of that stronger march sunshine. by 9:00 it will still be a bit blustery. upper 30s. by noon time climbing quickly to 50 degrees and then climbing even higher perhaps in the mid-to-upper 50s by mid-afternoon. then winds shift out of the north and west as a weak front comes through. a dry passage. a few clouds drifting through. as those winds shift to the northwest turning much colder tonight i'll tell you how cold it will get at 5:11. how is traffic? >> along i-720 southbound, very quiet morning except for the overnight road work between montgomery village and down through gait
warmer than yesterday. if you're leaving the house right now, everybody's in the 50s except the upper 40s around los gatos and santa rosa. by the afternoon hours, we'll have temperatures the upper 50s to low 60s under mostly cloudy sky and a light scattered shower. monterey pretty much the same forecast. low to mid-60s for you. dry tomorrow, rain in the north bay saturday. all of us get rain and showers sunday and monday and then next week's looking dry. look at that. we're in the mid-60s in some areas by wednesday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. even though we had a few earlier accidents seems like we're seeing fewer problems on the roads and those earlier accidents are on the shoulder. here's a live shot at the san mateo bridge. no wid advisories this morning. we'll show you the north bay commute. this was horrible yesterday with a big rig accident but so far things are flowing well southbound out of novato to the golden gate bridge. checking out contra costa county. a nice quiet start for your commute this morning as traffic moves southbound here through walnut creek and
new information for commuters. >>> right now u.s. navy war ships are moving closer to the coast of libya. the u.s. and its allies. >> charlie sheen isn't going away any time soon. where he suddenly showed up late last night and what his two live in girlfriends say about their lives together. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. while you were sleeping the temperatures inside took a dramatic drop. inside where? inside the d.c. area, i guess. inside the beltway. we're taking a live look outside right now. 37 degrees at 6:00. >> it feels even colder, tom. >> we got a wind coming out of the north and west. partly cloudy. over washington quite a bit of sunshine today but that's not going help us out much unfortunately. look now, it's just near freezing in washington. and in the nearby suburbs of prince george's, article, fairfax and montgomery counties, right near the bay it is a little bit warmer but not much. just in the mid-30s there. i want has dipped into the 20s in the mountains. a within coming out of the north and west gusting 20 miles per hour. wind chills are in th
afternoon. into the upper 40s, near 50 by mid afternoon. by 5:00, back into the mid 40s. the sunset, 6:04. we will have changes tonight. talk about that coming up on the night planner, at 4:41. jerry, how is traffic? >> relatively quietly. overnight road work. you may find a lane or two blocked on 95 northbound, passing the capital beltway. the volume, light. coming in from annapolis, it looks like we are doing well. route 50, getting to and beyond i-97 all the way to the beltway. in-bound toll road, looking l happy friday. >> 4:32 now. breaking news out of the district. the lights just came back on for thousands of pepco customers. >> reporter: yes, plenty work up without power, that is 3700 people, we will tl you why, look over here. can you see that man hole cover across the street is burned. we are here at connecticut and florida avenues, according to the pepco, a circuit, it affected dupont circle and most of upper northwest. the crews restored power after we pulled up. it all started at 2:30 this morning. they don't know what cause tmptd crews were able to quickly isolate the lin
in the 40s and 50s. even a couple spots in the low 60s west and southwest of washington. today will be a good day. rain is on the way for tomorrow. looking at the day planner, sunshine. temperatures climbing through the 50s here midday. upper 50s to around 60 as we head through the afternoon with sunshine giving way to few more clouds later on. i think we may have a few more clouds than i'm showing here. the high temperatures, low 60s in town to even some mid-60s south and southwest. front came through. showers and even a couple of thunderstorms well off to our south and west this morning. with this boundary staying there, don't expect it to come back. i think we'll have a dry day. tonight will change. you can see the difference where it is clear and cold. new york is 33 but 60 in fredericksburg. airport in tappahannock is 61. oakland is 39. locally, we're ranging from 49 in columbia to 57 in springfield and centreville and great falls at 52 over at andrews. 55 at leesburg. 55 in college park. here's angie to tell you what to expect on the morning commute. >> good tuesday morni
. this view of america's islamist enemy is unfortunate endemic in both u.s. political parties, much of the u.s. and western media, and perhaps most damaging, much of the academy, especially and most prestigious universities. it is in my judgment that this is almost entirely without substantiation. and it continues to be washington's working assumption, america will slowly but surely be defeated with a loss of prestige, plot, financial solvency, and domestic political cohesion. we will lose not because any of these threats are stronger than we are. that certainly is not the case. america's myopic indeed can america's myopic coming elite and its media acolytes have taken enemies who are each in military capability, at most the puny five-foot tall, even sandals, and made them into 10-foot tall and still growing behemoths. the three threats i'm going to speak about are those posed by iran, saudi arabia and al qaeda and its allies. taking these three threats, each of which is based in the persian gulf, let us first look at the smallest least threatening threat, that which comes from iran. since our
of clouds quickly scooting by. we still expect skies to be mostly sunny. we've got upper 20s to low 30s north. mid-30s to upper 40s south. when you factor in the breeze out there, we've got wind chills down to 24 here in town in andrews, feeling like 23 in martinsburg. a little bit less wind down south. those wind chills, fredericksburg, culpepper holding 32 and 34. it is 6:00 a.m. angie is here with timesaver traffic. >> happy tuesday, everybody. right now, we're kicking things off with the green light. that's because we have some better news. the big time of the morning. the third street tunnel, we have all of our southbound lanes back. you can see there is still a police presence here and this is due to an overnight accident. police wrapping up that investigation but once again, you're able to get by in your southbound lanes. we're seeing a slow go on new york avenue approaching the 4th street area. that's due to previous detour that was in place. taking a look at our maps, here is your big picture. we're going to focus in on virginia and take you on down to 95. those of you making
drugs. all three men worked together in the antioch police department in the late 1990s. >> tonight a candlelight vigil will be held for the victims of the san bruno explosion. the san mateo county district attorney's office says it's now looking into seismic upgrade work done by pg&e. the company upgraded pipelines in san bruno in 1993 and '94 but stopped a few blocks short of the section that blew up. the d.a. says his investigation could lead to civil or criminal charges of negligence. pg&e says no one yet knows what caused the tragic accident. >> pet owners beware. sunnyvale warns dogs are being poisoned in the park. >> they don't know who is doing this or why they're doing it. and that's why police are going public with this information. they wanted to get the word out. they don't want dogs eating any poison but they want dog owners to be on the lookout. it's happened twice, a box of rat poisoning was left out on the ground here at less palmas park. the person that did this made it clear the dogs definitely are the target. >> first box that was found had a message that was writ
described in his 20s is in the hospital. his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. so far police have no suspects or motive for the shooting. >> eric: it is 6:07 now and rain is gone. >> kristen: we're zeroing on 80 degree temperatures? >> and on thursday, if you look at inland neighbors in north bay. 24-hour temperature change. just about all of us on the positive side. one agree cooler in san francisco and we're three to five degrees cooler in north bay. watch out in napa, visibility down to quarter of a mile because of the fog. temperatures here in the upper possible. we have low to mid 40s for the north and east bay valleys. mid 40s around redwood city, otherwise up to the bay shore and out to the coast. upper 60s to near 50 degrees. this sunshine, mix of high clouds and low to mid 50s. coolest weather half moon bay and clearlake, low 50s and rest of us in the mid 50s. now that the rain is over, there are other side effects. enormous amounts of tree pollen, grass will be moderate and weed will remain low. seven-day forecast, every day through thursday is warmer. we could be 1
. stepping out right now. upper 40s around los gatos. santa rosa, 46 in napa. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. by 8:00, we're still in the upper 40s to mid-50s. high clouds and sunshine and upper 50s to low 70s by noon. by 4:00, we'll have low to mid-70s everywhere except for the coast where we'll have 55 degrees. more pollen will be popping up. grass will be moderate and weed remains rather low. seven-day forecast, not only do we have a chance of record highs today but again tomorrow. cooling will hit the coast. hardest on friday and move inland on saturday and sunday. then warmer temperatures will return for monday and tuesday. >> we have all lanes blocked in san leandro, eastbound 580 approaching 238 an injury crash involving three cars have shut down all lanes. traffic is being diverted at 164. at about 4:00, chp says they hope to have lanes reopened about 20 minutes. we have passed that eta and hopefully written the next ten minutes we'll see lanes to start to reopen. road work if westbound 580 a couple lanes are blocked on north livermore until about 6:00 this morning. >> eri
lisa baden, shortly. first, meteorologist steve rudin. we have a wet wednesday. >> there were s earlier this morning,-- showers earlier this morning, especially to the north. a cold front will arrive later this afternoon into the evening and overnight. we have the potential to trigger thunderstorms, some could become severe. by 6:00 in the evening the storms of to the west of us. by 10:00 this evening just to the east of d.c. in the overnight and early morning tomorrow, steady showers. tomorrow afternoon into friday, skies will begin to clear. it will get very cold. mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms later today. 53-68 degrees. much warmer to the south of us in fredericksburg. let's get an update on traffic with lisa baden. >>> getting slow on 95 and 66. still good on 395 inside the beltway, and no accidents across the wilson bridge, moving to the other side of town, 95 in and out of baltimore look good. 95 at 295, there was a crash but that will be gone soon. there's wet pavement on 270. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with new details from the disaster in jap
week, feeling like winter. 32 at reagan national. mid 20s in prince george's county and through much of virginia, and across northern maryland, near the pennsylvania border, near 20 degrees, as well as out in western maryland and virginia. around the tide water, near 30. weather watchers reporting early on this monday morning, with a mostly clear sky. clouds on the increase, an area of low pressure moves out of the tennessee valley, passing south of us may bring rain in central and southern virginia. here, a few clouds coming in by the middle of the day. we are under a clear sky. mid 30s, by noon, with the clouds coming in, near 40. into the mid 40s for highs this afternoon. that is a good 10, 15 degrees below average for this time of year. by five clock, still holding steady in the mid 40s it. looks like changes coming our way tonight. it looks like it will believe cold tomorrow. i will tulle how cold at the night planner at 5:11. >> ger sne. >> breaking news, out of upper montgomery county, a house fire on market street in the brookville area in the early morning hours, as a result
now low 30s. mid-30s prince george's coin, southern maryland near the bay. weather watchers reporting a clear sky all around the region. we have a blustery wind out to the north and west and wind chills that are down in the mid-20s. layer up on this first day of march and over the last 12 hours when he that storm system clear out. we have a clear sky over the washington monument. by 9:00 our temperatures in thor 30s. still a bit blustery, bright and sunny and sunny afternoon, wind diminish, highs reach the upper 40s by mid-afternoon. a look at your night planner forecast. that's coming up at 5:11. let's check traffic. how is it looking, ashley? >> breaking news out of the district. southbound 3rd street tunnel remains blocked due to a serious accident investigation due to an accident that occurred in the overnight hours. you don't have access to the outbound tunnel via new york and massachusetts avenues. your best work around, volume is not a big factor so new york is still in pretty good shape as is massachusetts. might want to take 1st down towards the 29 a area. megan mcgrath has m
in the low 80's there. upper '70's in the south bay. temperatures are bay area wide. 16 degrees warmer than yesterday in san francisco, 17 degrees warmer in napa. even warmer tomorrow. mostly sunny skies this afternoon, we will keep the high clouds over night into tomorrow. the temperatures on the mild side this evening. if tomorrow, warmer possibly record-breaking temperatures. thursday night, clear but mild conditions but we do have change is coming into the weekend. we will be back after this. yeah! boom! hi, i'm a stunt man. and i love watching me on at&t u-verse tv. i can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. i can even record a show in this room... ...and play it back in this room. honey, i just vacuumed. [ female announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for six months -- hd-ready dvr included at no extra charge. or get $300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. ♪ [ stunt man ] drop into an at&t store and see how at&t u-verse offers more hd channels than cable. i look good. [ female announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for only $29
40's up to about 50 degrees. the potential for more winter weather is on the way. details are coming up in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. >>> looks good in the district, no problems around the beltway. quiet headed north into baltimore, south into richmond and to the airport is clear. no problems on 270. fairfax police, prince william stafford, no troubles. things are decent. newschopper 7 in a little while. we will be looking at springfield in '95 that looks great. now to news. >>> breaking news from capitol heights. a man was shot to death at a gas station. this happened around 4:00 a.m. at a shell gas station on central avenue at ritchie road. the man was found dead -- pronounced dead at the hospital. they believe it was a drive-by shooting. no suspects or motives. >>> our top story a pizza delivery man shot and killed on the job. police in prince george's county are looking for the gunman who attacked the domino's pizza driver. >> it happened before 9:00 last night in the 6800 block of seat pleasant drive. john gonzales joins us from police headquarters with the latest on the
freezing there as well. and as we look elsewhere, it is in the upper 20s in western maryland and parts of west virginia, and around the virginia tide water region, it is freezing. over the last 12 hours, we had the sky clearing out, starting out with the half moon in the southeastern sky this morning. and a clear sky. there is a developing storm system out in the southern plains that will be affecting our weather by the end of the weekend. right now, we have a clear sky over the washington monument. there is the live view from the city camera. we have the frosty, cold conditions here with us, 9:00, in the upper 30s with bright sunshine. welcomed sunshine back, and sunrise, a little past 7:00, and by noon, in the mid 40s. we 8 will have partly cloudy into the mid afternoon showers, upper 40s by then. tonight, cold again. i will tell you how cold at infinite one clr 41. >> we are doing pretty well, there has been a lot of overnight construction, most of cl is in the process of being picked up as we speed. speak. the overnight road work at 50 has been cleared. and the inner loop and the o
energy user? plus will the iraqi military be ready to guarantee the country's security after u.s. forces withdraw in december? but, first, the chief of navel operations, admirable gary roughhead recently joined reporters from defense news and other gann et media publications to discuss service personnel programs. we bring you excerpts from our wide-ranging interview. we start with personnel levels. in september, admirable roughhead said the navy should have 375,00 sailors but dropped that number. we asked him what changed. >> as we look at the end strength and it's not so much how many people should be in the navy, it really is what are the jobs in the navy and then how many people do you need to perform those functions. so it's very easy to say, well, you know, navy has x amount of people, so that's where we want to be. but what we constantly do as we go through the budget process is we're looking at the forestructure and the functions that have to be performed, and then how do you size that? i would submit that in the navy we in the past few years have done some incredible work to bill
passedded many in the u.s. government believed that he died but today secretary of state hillary clinton issued a statement that reads in part, "we have received recent indications that bob is being held somewhere in southwest asia." his home is in coral springs, florida, retired from the fbi and became a private investigator. >>> former osborne high school teacher pleading guilty to seven counts of child pornography and will spend 25 years behind bars. his abuse of boys began 30 years ago, the first victim only 11 years old. it continued around the globe with boys he befriended and manipulated. >> he would then move to the next stage where he would feed them liquor, tequila, beer, get them drunk, they would pass out. he would strip them. photograph them. fondle them. and commit other sex acts on them. >> he was finally caught last year when an osborne high school student stumbled across sexually explicit conversations between ricks and a male friend of the student. >>> tonight, new questions about whether a gay marriage bill has enough votes to pass through a key committee in maryland'
. the d.a.'s office has dropped eight more drug cases because of videos like these. public defender has released four videos that he says shows illegal police searches and arrests inside a south of market hotel. one shows an officer covering a security camera with his hand. an attorney for the accused officer said it was done to prevent someone from tipping off the suspects that police were coming. a total of eight officers have been reassigned because of investigation. >> it was six months ago today when a san bruno neighborhood was rocked by gas pipeline explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. tonight residents are planning to gather for a vigil to remember the victims. the san mateo county district attorney's office says it's looking into seismic upgrade work done by pg&e. they upgraded pipelines in san bruno in 1993 and '94 but stopped a flew blocks short of the section that blew up. pg&e says no one yet knows caused the tragic accident. >> berkeley is considering scraping its contract with the curbside recycling center to save money by running the
and fairfield. 50s and even 60s, san francisco, oakland, mountain view, 64 in antioch. this afternoon, look for the asterisks, more numerous today as we have upper 70s richmond and clearlake and then low to mid-80s for everybody else. that will be a lot of sunshine. around the monitored lay bay, 74 here in monterey, low to mid-80s for the rest of the bay an independent land, 86 in gilroy i will be a record high. winds of changed. they dropped our temperatures about 8 degrees tomorrow. then about another 6-8 degrees on saturday with a chance of scattered shower. it's going to be windy and cool where rough surf this weekend and calmer and warmer next week. >> we've got a bit of an issue, eastbound 80 into the oakland maze, stalled oversized tractor-trailer blocking the car-pool lane. a couple construction zones, southbound at el costa, is closed due to construction and southbound 880 around hyde street. various lanes and "l" street on-ramp is closed. some sort of issue that may slow drivers a bit but we'll keep our eye on it. >>> still ahead, preventing a disaster after the disaster. big upgr
growth, and some disappointing news about the u.s. job market. the selling was broad-based-- the dow fell 228 points, closing below the 12,000 level; the nasdaq lost 50, and the s&p 500 was down almost 25 points. >> tom: this stock selling comes as the bull market celebrated its second anniversary this week. could the rally be over, or just taking a pause? peter cohen is co-author of "capital rising," and he is with us from newton, massachusetts. lincoln ellis is the chief investment officer at the strategic financial group. he joins us from the cme group in chicago. welcome to nightly business report. nice to see both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks, tom. >> tom: peter, let's begin with you. time to buy more shares on these lower prices or to cut some of the losses you've seen recently and sell? >> i say it's time to buy. i mean it could go lower. i mean you could have a 5% correction can. but in general, the market is doing fan tasically. it's been up almost 100% since the low of march 2009. it's trading act a relatively low pe of around 15 which is much better than the pe of a typical
that in awhile. there is patchy fog on the coast. that means 60s there. higher clouds up above. that would be the only thing to stop us from really getting warmer. we will see mid 70s around the bay. upper 70s to a few low 80s. santa rosa is 82 by the way. it will be close today and warmer. here is sal. >>> traffic is moving well on westbound 24 getting up to the tunnel. there are no major problems there. also the morning commute is okay if you are driving on southbound 101 through marin county. let's go back to the desk. >>> at 5:00 we are starting with developing news coming from strength. crews are still at the scene of a building fire. everyone has been evacuated but there are some people being treated now for smoke inhalation. ktvu paul chambers is live at the scene. >> reporter: the people were able to just go back inside their apartment just right now. 19th avenue has been reopened. crews are clearing the scene right now as you can see. it all happened about 3:25 this morning. it was on the first level above the garage. it was a first level apartment complex. fire officials tell me
in the upper 40s around los gatos, redwood city, fremont, livermore santa rosa and everybody else in the low 50s until you get to antioch, 60 degrees. designation this afternoon, record highs are possible. concord at 80. napa at 78 and santa rosa at 82. low to mid-70s throughout the bay shore. i would say low to mid-50s along the coast. mid to upper 70s through most of the valleys with 80s around concord and santa rosa. monterey bay, 70 and mid to upper 70s, santa cruz and only draw back, high amounts of pollen. it will be tree and low amounts of weed. seven-day forecast, tomorrow is looking to be the warmest day with more records threatened. six degrees cooler as sea breeze returns on friday. windy with temperatures back to average saturday and sunday. slight chance of a shower. monday and tuesday, calmer and warmer than average with a whole lot of sunshine. >>> good morning. starting off in the south bay we do have a couple problems. live look, 101 at 880 overcrossing, heading northbound right at great america parkway. reports of metal debris slowing down the commute there. southbound 85 the
with the calm conditions, low visibility. santa rosa around 7. right now temperatures in the low to mid 40s. speaking of north bay valleys, mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. partly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 50s around richmond and clearlake, rest of us to mid to upper 60s. we'll about 2-5 degrees warmer than yesterday. but look at the big jump tomorrow once the offshore winds develop we could have near record highs wednesday and again thursday. slightly cool other friday and as the storm system passes to the east slight chance of showers and one of cooler days. here is megan with an update. >> problem spot still in hayward. sig alert after a big rig slammed into a guardrail. southbound 880 on the ramp to southbound 238. right now only one lane of traffic is getting by. caltrans on the scene cleaning up damaged signs and a fuel and water spill. they do expect to have this out for another half an hour. expect delays if you are computing through the area. also, live look in walnut creek at 680. no delays through the walnut creek area, as you are heading into the san ramon ar
to be a little cooler. let's take a look what is going to happen today as far as our temperatures now. lower 50s from san francisco to the south bay and rounding into fremont. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. by the afternoon, partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. so it's going to feel pretty mild outside around the monterey bay where we've had steadier rain this morning. we'll see both the included conditions and low 60 as you head inland. tomorrow dry everywhere, saturday rain in the north bay. rain will move across the bay sunday into monday and it clears. a lot of sunshine and warmer weather as we head into tuesday and wednesday. how's traffic? >> kind of quiet and boring, toll plaza no delays at all. we'll check out another shot for you. this is the san mateo bridge for the dry time westbound although it's more crowded. still 14 minutes from 880 to 101 in san mateo. also we'll check out the south bay and show you everything looks good. an earlier accident northbound 880 in san jose cleared. headlights are north 101, fine all the way up the peninsula
the wet weather. current temperatures 50s, 60s. san francisco = 58. santa rosa, 52. napa is 65. it is the warm spot. fairfield, mountain view, san jose, 64 degrees. overnight, the law was going to get to the 30's in the 40's. santa rosa will be the cooler spot. overnight, the lower spots. your kron 4 7 day around the bay to break of what weather tomorrow. and again in late saturday near a sunday. we will be right back for the kron 4 evening news purify (music) [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if y
on u.s. foreign policy. i'm ralph begleiter. this week we ask, "should the u.s. give up on haiti?" to help answer this question we'll be joined by great decision participants in dallas and by our experts: ray walser, a senior policy analyst at the heritage foundation and michael shifter, president of the inter-american dialogue. thanks to both of you for being with us on great decisions. right to the top question, "should the united states give up on haiti?" ray. >> the question, i think, is posed in a moral sense, "should the u.s. do a particular, make a particular decision regarding haiti?" i don't think that is the way the question should be posed. "will the u.s. give up on haiti?" and i'm afraid that the answer may be that the u.s. over time, will tend to give up on haiti because the problems that it faces there and the reconstruction process dealing with an impoverished country with low levels of human capital and financial capital, given its tendency to move towards political division, ah, the insecurities there and the competing interests that we face around the world in a
a comment. >> u.s. and german officials are trying to determine the motive that killed two u.s. airmen and whether the gunmen acted alone. he confessed targeting the u.s. military in what investigators believe is say possible act of islamic terrorism. police armed with body armor were seen patrol be terminals. he pulled out a semiautomatic weapon shouting god is great in arabic. two people died, two others were wounded, the shooter from kosovo was not on any terrorism watch list. >> violence along the u.s./mexico border is a key topic of a discussion between president obama and the mexican president. the two leaders just wrapped up a conference at the white house a few months ago. president obama promised additional aid to secure the peace along both sides of the border. >> citizens and dedicated security forces have lost their lives. i have reaffirmed to the president that in this cause, mexico has a full partner with the united states. because whether they live in texas or tijuana, our people have a right to be safe in their communities. >> well, today's meeting comes three weeks aft
to mid-50s and rest of us in the 50s. our destination, look there is more asterisks on the map today. we'll have 70 half moon bay and then upper 70s around richmond and clearlake and low to mid-80s for the rest of us. we could see records an the monterey bay and inland, exception would be monterey at 74. watch out for the pollen, it will be high today. very high amounts of tree pollen. accu width seven-day forecast, cooler breeze starts tomorrow but notice how windy it gets saturday and sunday. we'll have winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour. best day to be at the beach probably today and tomorrow. >> good morning. "h" train commuters crying foul because we have a big delay, 30-40 minutes. signal problem between lake trip and tracy. a downed power pole is closed between geary and california. truck fire eastbound 580 past north flynn. mountain view, we've got a stall southbound 101 blocking a lane of traffic there. >> eric: officially has made a baseball metaphor statement. >> budget talks break down between lawmakers in sacramento. find out how it could affect schools and local governmen
with with pockets of sunshine. 70s in the forecast. >> new injury crash just reported in san jose north 101 and highway 87. so we've got crews heading there. no delays at bay bridge toll plaza but look out for thick fog driving through pacifica and daly city. >> good morning, everyone. a tuesday morning. 6:01 a.m.. a little drizzly as mike's been telling you about. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, police are searching for a suspect who stole a backpack from an alameda church that contained the ashes of a woman's deceased husband. terry mcsweeney is live at alameda police department with the bizarre story. >> yeah, investigators want to do know do something like this and why they would go to that pakistan backpack at christ episcopal church. take a look at that church we're talking about. investigators trying to figure out what exactly went on. relatives were there. they were preparing for the service for marvin hawkabout who died at the age of 74 in january. the mourners were in the church, left a little bit, went to the parish hall to prepare for the service leaving h
: temperatures could warm slightly from yesterday. bringing more '80s into the picture. your records from yesterday 85 in san rosa, 82 san rafael, napa 86, 82 in downtown san francisco. today looks like more '80s. mountain view about 79. and these are the highs we can expect today. 80s across the board appeare. oakland to 82, nd tie record at 86, san jose 86, santa rosa 85 breaking the old record of 83 set back in 2000. fresnel on warm side 61 in san francisco,--temperatures--10% in the fifties for the most part, highs into the '80s. the 84 for concorde trips temperatures into livermore valley 84, 86 inlaninn jose, temperatures around half moon bay staying at in the '70s. more cloud cover temperatures cool off slightly but the weekend shows some changes, we will have a shift in the wind's getting nasty. we could see some rough surf as well. we come down towards sunday. >> george: we are looking at a great commute, and not following any hot spots yet this morning. we checked on some things on 580 that have turned out not to be a problem for the west bound commute. air bridge check for your
yesterday, scattered thunderstorms overnight, and now, things have settled down. in the low 50s through much of the area. 53 in reagan national, and prince george's county, low to mid 50s. montgomery county, in the low 50s, dipped into the 40s in fredrick county, and elsewhere, throughout virginia and maryland, in the low to mid 50s. in the mountains, a bit cooler. western maryland. in the low to mid 50s in the central part of west virginia. looking at the weather and cloud history. thundershowers to the south of washington. there may be more there later today. here, a partly sunny morning and a partly cloudy afternoon. right now, it is cloudy. we will have temperatures in the low 50s, by mid afternoon, just around the 60 degrees. a look at your night planner in ten minutes, how is the traffic? >> picking up volume, all the lanes open around kenil worth avenue. we will take a look along 395 to the 14th street bridge. one lonesome car, there is two. light volume. no concerns out of maryland. heading through chevy chase circle. drive pavement. no early morning delays on the rails. looking goo
60ish in a one or two spots and by 5:00, back down into the mid 50s and the wind will have turned to the northwest behind the cold front. clear the morning and lots of sunshine expected. the front still well up to the north and west. cumberland at 25. hagerstown down to 32. winchester 38 this morning. south and east, mid 30s from southern maryland and the eastern shore and also here if town. if you're traveling, visibility is good at the local airports. reagan, 10 miles and it looks pretty good out there. a little cold in chicago at 30 and sunshine across many areas of the eastern half of the country. angie? >>> all right, hope you have a wonderful wednesday everybody. we are kicking all the 6:00 hour, no major problems to tell you about. the green light is on. taking a wide view of the area, green all over the maps. 95 in virginia, we're going to take you out there live. here's your live shot. starting to build that volume here up to route 1. no incidents along the way. this time the focus is on the capitol beltway. checking out the drive between braddock road, this is the live c
to upper 40s fairfield, santa rosa and los gatos. everybody else the low to mid-50s. with a lot of cloud cover, still pretty mild this afternoon with upper 50s to low 60s. monterey bay we could have an isolated shower. temperatures in the low 60s. let's look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. you want some dry weather? how about tomorrow. rain's back in the forecast for the north bay saturday. for all of us sunday into monday and looks like we have a dry and warming trend for next week where we could hit the mid to upper 60s by wednesday or thursday. sounds like we have a new accident. >> we have a couple accidents on 880 but the new one is actually in san jose northbound 880 approaching first street. we have a live shot near the area. this is north 880 in the distance just over 101. so it's on the shoulder but now they might need emergency crews and that could possibly slow things down. keep that in mind. another accident on 880 in oakland but this one has been cleared to the shoulder as well. southbound at 29th avenue. that's been out there for a while. here's a live shot of 280 and
're in the low 30s right now. there's a blustery wind that's coming in out of the south and west and that's making it feel a lot colder. 36 at reagan national. a little above freezing elsewhere or a little below. wind chills are down in the mid-20s. quite a bit of suns as high pressure is now just drifting off the like seaboard. southwesterly breeze should warm things up nicely. it will take a while for that to happen. our sunrise is 38 minutes away. by 9:00 near 38 degrees with sunshine and then we'll have our winds shifting later this afternoon into the northwest bringing in some colder air tonight. before then we should make it to mid-to-upper 50s. here comes another shot of cold air tonight. i'll tell you how cold it will get at 6:11. >> life linebacker around i-95 and 395. getting heavy now as you begin commute. there's the capital beltway up towards ed salary road and landmark. all travel lanes are open which is very good news for those you headed to and across the 14th street bridge. let's go to brandywine, maryland. just volume. coming out of wall for typical for your commute tryi
to offer u.s. assistance. here is the latest. >> in parts of japan hit by an earthquake flattened by a tsunami, a third risk now looms, fears of nuclear meltdown. >> this veekt says it's the most frightening thing but signs of what is happening at the fukushima daiichi plant are not good. all four reactors have had issues including three exposes explosions. >> the prime minister says the leaked radiation level is rather high. >> now we are talking about levels that can impact human health. i would like all of you to take this information calmly. keep inside the house. >> japanese television echoed the warnings affecting 140,000 people. 70,000 have already evacuated. nearby test sites are checking people to see if they have been exposed to radiation. >> this woman seven i worry very much about the radiation. i don't even know what to do. even in tokyo, there are reports of slightly higher radiation levels but they say it's too small to threaten people there. hillary clinton met with japan's foreign minister who expressed gratitude. >> the world comes together to support japan in th
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